Inexpensive and well thought out

Modular multi-functional tables universal

useable as operating and display consoles 

Are you looking for an inexpensive control desk for the control room in a modular system?

Our modular system for control station tables is designed to offer a cost-effective alternative to individually manufactured control station tables.

Therefore, we have developed the innovative and versatile MANAGING Workplace as well as the series of KWB-DESKs (control/wake/operating tables) as a supplement to the individual construction, which meets all requirements of a control table or an operating table (contact table) - and all this at sensationally low prices!

Our latest development - the MANAGING Workplace by KREIS

Its great advantage: can be used everywhere - can be used multibel

Table top

in individual linear or free-form design

LED workplace lighting


Cable routing

concealed horizontal cable routing from the technical area to the monitor console

Electric motor driven
Monitor console

height adjustment 350 mm
and depth adjustable 250 mm

Technical corpus

19'' rack for mounting the technical components

KWB Desk versions - Security, control & operating tables by KREIS


PC Bracket
Cable chain

The KWB-DESK A concept offers a stationary office desk without height adjustment. A cable trough is installed under the table top, which, by means of cable flaps in the table top, allows the connection of monitors, pointing devices, telephone and on-table devices and provides sufficient space for power and data distribution.
KWB-DESK A can be extended with monitor consoles, acoustic and privacy screens, PC brackets and lighting in LED technology.

Price on request


The KWB-DESK B variant is a height-adjustable office desk. The laterally integrated lifting columns allow infinitely variable height settings between 65 and 125 cm.
KWB-DESK B, like the smaller KWB-DESK A variant, features the proven cable tray and individual cable flaps to provide maximum flexibility with minimum effort. On-table consoles for equipment installation as well as height-adjustable monitor consoles with multi-joint Vesa holders complete the KWB-DESK B range.

Price on request


Control panel

KWB-DESK C rounds off the range and represents the final preliminary stage to a high-end workstation for control centres. KWB-DESK C offers standard elements such as lifting column substructures, energy chain carriers, connection corpora, flexible steel frames with cable trays, ergonomically shaped table tops, table-top operating consoles, various monitor carrier and lighting systems and linking elements, which can be combined with each other as a modular system according to requirements.

Price on request

Download KWB-Flyer (PDF, 6.26 Mbyte)


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