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Control station tables for control station system, control room or control rooms

SK-KREIS offers control centre tables with individual cut to size, system integration and conception.  The intelligent and individual design of an SK-KREIS control centre table has proven itself for years in the adaptation to the different and often very individual needs and wishes of the customer.
Therefore it does not matter if you want to re-equip only parts of your control room or your complete control room. We would be pleased to advise you competently and plan together with you also the use of media walls, control systems, individual installation walls or furniture and cabinet systems.

SK-Kreis control centre table manufactorer stands for large and small projects!  Be it just a control desk, e.g. for a control centre in the porter's lounge or a multisequential control centre for fire brigade, police or industry

We realize all projects 100% competent and on schedule!

Our customers already know in the planning phase how the desired services and functions of the systems are implemented.

Efficiency of control centre equipment

The profitability of a facility is not only determined by its purchase price, but also by its relation to the scope of services.

A large part of the economic efficiency therefore consists of

  • the ease of use,
  • the ergonomic implementations,
  • an optimal space integration,
  • the durability of all technical components,
  • a fast, easy expandability of the functional range,
  • the robustness and insensitivity to use of the equipment.

Often follow-up costs, such as frequent maintenance intervals, high susceptibility to repairs, frequent functional failures and lack of expandability are not or not sufficiently taken into account at the time of purchase!

We offer you 40 years of experience as a manufacturer of control station tables

For more than 40 years SK-KREIS GmbH has been planning, designing, developing and manufacturing control centre equipment for police, fire brigade, hospital, federal, state and local authorities as well as for industry and organisations in cooperation with well-known system suppliers.

In well over 2,000 system installations, our technical expertise, the longevity and reliability of our systems and the smooth handling during installation have been proven.

Control station tables and control station system according to individual requirements

Every control centre system from us is unique and is manufactured 100% according to your specifications and wishes with the most modern production technology in the various specialist departments of our own production.

Our production system of control centres, control stations, control desks, control centre tables as well as control centre furniture is innovative, flexible and guarantees the highest possible degree of freedom in use and application.

This is why the cleverly thought-out solutions and smart new developments for the control system construction of security control centres have been so popular with our large customer and user base for over 40 years.

SK Kreis GmbH is one of the oldest manufacturers of control stations and control station tables in Germany!

Need-based height adjustment

Our latest technology: Worktop and monitor height easily adjustable at the touch of a button.

LED-illumination as required

Different times of day require different lighting of the working area. We plan the lighting equipment according to your needs.

Safety and health protection

Control centre table Examples (PDF, 6.55 Mbyte)


The control centre desk systems are designed in accordance with the latest ergonomic findings, taking into account Council EURiLi 90/270/EEC of 29 May 1990 on the minimum safety and health requirements for work with display screen equipment and the Display Screen Equipment Ordinance.

Variable operating consoles in our control tables

With the operating consoles for control stations or control station tables manufactured by us, every division can be realised in a grid dimension of 36mm. The elements for partitioning can be mounted without tools, which allows a constant adaptability in retrospect.
The repositioning of the original partition elements in the mounting frame is only possible after the frame has been removed, because for stability reasons, screw connections are made from the outside, which cannot be reached when the frame is installed.

All module plates are provided with cut-outs according to customer specifications and, if necessary, with counter plates for device mounting.

  • The first set of module plates is included in the table price.
  • Module tops and console elements are painted in RAL colour according to the customer's requirements.
  • Convenient electrical adjustment options offer maximum flexibility.

Openings for feeding through cables for pointing devices, keyboards and other on-table devices are already integrated. These openings (number according to customer requirements, from experience approx. 3 per console) are each approx. 5 cm wide and are dust-tightly closed with furniture brooms.

On the rear side, the console is provided with a continuous opening closed by furniture brooms. Optionally, different coloured, dimmable LED lighting can be installed on 2 levels.

The infinitely variable height adjustment of the worktop by electric motor ranges from 71 cm (normal tabletop height) to 115 cm. Thus our system is also suitable for sitting and standing applications.

Console with indirect LED lighting
Modular console construction, matching the interior
Console in a command vehicle (CV installation)

The surprise for our customers is that there are no surprises, because every project is designed, developed and implemented exactly for the customer!

Our tables comply with all legal requirements, regulations and standards

The mission control tables consist of a height-adjustable work surface and a height-adjustable monitor rail for 24" monitors.

Optional: Depth adjustment of the monitor railing up to 250 mm.

The tables are equipped with a technical substructure body to provide sufficient space for the necessary technical equipment, e.g. 19" rack with 8HE.

The table system is designed according to the latest ergonomic findings, taking into account the EU RiLi 901270lEWG of the Council of 29 May 1990 on the minimum safety and health requirements for work with display screen equipment and the Display Screen Equipment Ordinance.

  • VDU Workplace Ordinance, § 24 ArbstättV
  • DIN 33414 (Ergonomic design of control centres)
  • DIN 66234 (regulations on workstations)
  • DIN 4554 (stable construction)
  • DIN 4543 (Installation and arrangement of office and computer workstations)
  • DIN 33402 (ergonomically favourable working posture)
  • EC Directive 90/270/EEC
  • Observance of the standards and guidelines DIN- VDE- UW
  • Substructure base made of tubular steel 25/30/2 (clear depth 420 mm)
  • Body in aluminium skeleton construction
  • Cabinet area closed on one side by pegboards
  • 4 lifting columns per table for worktop adjustment
  • Mounting plates (perforated plate) for the installation of additional technology e.g. PC patch panels, optional 19" rack for 8U socket outlet
  • Energy chains installed, for cable routing
  • Cable tray under the worktop 7 cm high
  • Worktop height adjustable from 65 to 125 cm
  • Monitor console for mounting 24" monitors on the multi-joint VESA-Holder

Current workplace regulations

The table versions are designed according to the latest occupational health and ergonomic guidelines and standards

Sitting and standing workstations have different requirements with regard to the viewing angle of the monitors and the distance between monitor and work surface.

For this reason, and due to current occupational health requirements of the police and fire brigade, the monitor levels of tables for sitting and standing workstations in 24-hour operation should also be height-adjustable by electric motor.

This provides a completely ergonomically adjustable system that can meet all requirements in the near future

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