Installation consoles for emergency vehicles

and table-top desks or desks

for a wide range of applications

Table control consoles / Table control panels and built-in consoles / Built-in consoles for emergency vehicles

Table control consoles or desk control panels are a smaller and space-saving alternative solution to a control centre table. Table-top control consoles offer a wide range of functional options in a small space and can be placed excellently on already existing tables at the place of use. The range of functions can be designed according to requirements and the dimensions of the desks or consoles can be adapted to the available space.

Table-top control panels or consoles allow a lot of individual leeway at quite low cost.

Mounting consoles and installation consoles can also be installed in command vehicles to save space. In these cases, too, a wide variety of functional options can be used in the smallest of spaces and, despite the space limitations, allow handling in accordance with the work regulations.

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